Some of my favorite work has been creating newsletters for MORF Magazine, small businesses, organizations and the Baylor journalism department.

MORF e-newsletters:

Dwelling, Abiding

Dwelling, Abiding and Hanging Out

“This isn’t about reducing spirituality to a checklist. It’s all about dwelling with the One who renews our minds (Romans 12:2) and strength (Isaiah 40:31).”

Jesuit Insights

Jesuit Insights on Prayer

“I recently spent a Saturday learning about contemplative prayer from a Jesuit priest…”

St. Patrick

Who Is: St. Patrick

“We know about celebrating Ireland, pinching those not wearing green, the four-leafed clover’s alleged luck and the leprechaun seeking the gold at the end of the rainbow, but who is this Patrick guy that gives the March holiday its name?”

St. Valentine

Who Is: St. Valentine

“There’s not much more romantic than sacrificial love. So it isn’t surprising that St. Valentine – patron saint of lovers, marriage and engagement, and inspiration behind the most romantic day of the year – has a story that’s more legend than known fact.”


Friendship Knows No Homelessness

“Gavin Rogers, a San Antonio youth minister, shared in our New Year 2013 issue about his journey giving up home for Lent in 2012. During his time homeless on the streets, he met a man named William who would show him that friendship doesn’t recognize economic brackets.”

Bill Nye

 Bill Nye the Youth Group Guy?

“As recent interviews with the real Science Guy have shown, Mr. Nye isn’t likely to be found leading out in the youth ministry world any time soon. But anyone who can get kids excited about protons, enzymes and periodic tables deserves attention. So what lessons can youth ministry learn from the only teacher I know of with his very own theme song?”

gifted for ministry

Gifted for Ministry

“Mission trips have a funny way of bringing out a person’s strengths. And weaknesses. I had the opportunity to explore a few of my own for a week as I served on a team of volunteers in residential London.”

Care of Millennials

 The Care and Keeping of Millennials

“We’re sick of the fake and mundane. We aren’t afraid to stand out, to forsake social standards or societal expectations. (We’re actually all about questioning and reformulating those.) We don’t accept “Because that’s the way it’s done” as an answer. We don’t automatically fill in the blank of ‘ignorance is _______’ with bliss. We fill it in with “unacceptable.”

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