New Texican No-Bean Chili

Ingredients: ·         2 Lbs Ground Beef ·         6 Tbsp Brown Sugar ·         Sprinkle of Salt and Pepper ·         1 Onion, Chopped ·         1 Tbsp Ground Cumin, Heaping ·         2 Tbsp Chipotle Chili Powder ·         1 Can (4 … Continue reading New Texican No-Bean Chili

Remembering Rachel

“Did you know Rachel Held Evans personally?” A friend asked me in a Facebook message the other day. It was a hard question to answer. I had written about Rachel’s influence on my life on every social media platform and I tried to explain to my friend my connections to her: our mutual friends in Birmingham, our Twitter and Facebook interactions, the years of comments … Continue reading Remembering Rachel

Friendship knows no homelessness

BY:JENNA DEWITT Gavin Rogers, a San Antonio youth minister, shared in our New Year 2013 issue about his journey giving up home for Lent in 2012. During his time homeless on the streets, he met a man named William who would show him that friendship doesn’t recognize economic brackets. Gavin describes his friend as “the closest thing you could get to the stereotypical homeless guy.” William, now … Continue reading Friendship knows no homelessness

This Isn’t the Protestant Reformation (But an Enlightenment Would be Nice)

  One of my favorite writers for the Washington Post is actually their humorist and opinion columnist, Alexandra Petri. I first discovered her witty and poignant commentary during the Republican presidential debates earlier this year. I appreciate her blend of millennial culture and clever comedy to reflect the truth of a situation, sometimes more accurately and more effectively than the historic paper’s news section (and … Continue reading This Isn’t the Protestant Reformation (But an Enlightenment Would be Nice)

Why You Really Should Go and Love Yourself

Diving back into Brene Brown’s work has me thinking a lot about self-compassion lately, and (as is so often the case for Brene) what that means for us in the church. Perhaps in the Gospels when Jesus says the second greatest commandment is to “love your neighbor as yourself” instead of that meaning we need to be less selfish, it means that as we go … Continue reading Why You Really Should Go and Love Yourself