SoWT 4: Philadelphia

Saturday, I hopped on a bus to Philadelphia to visit my best friend Priya. First, a little background on what this means. Priya and I go way back. We have known each other since fourth grade and have been best friends since somewhere around sixth/seventh grade. We saw each other almost every day for eight years. However, seeing each other in the hallways and sleepovers … Continue reading SoWT 4: Philadelphia

Pennsylvania…. summer of World Travels: part two

soon to come….. I visited Priya’s apartment in Philly, saw liberty bell, declaration of independence, a Ford Fiesta, became a Lord of the Rings fan, rode on a flight where my aunt was a flight attendent, met new friends including a Baylor/antioch alum, talked with a pilot about French, had a Monster energy drink, went to amish country, hung out with hindians for a week, … Continue reading Pennsylvania…. summer of World Travels: part two