Taking It Personally | Theology and Kindness

Recently I’ve heard several people make comments to this effect: “You can have spot-on theology and an off-putting personality. It’s not just what you say but how you say it.” Overall, I agree with their premise that how you communicate Truth matters. Of course it does. Unguarded tongues that spout out information, however factual, with no empathy or maturity will end up bulldozing over others’ … Continue reading Taking It Personally | Theology and Kindness

Stretching Faith at Physical Therapy

I am no athlete or risk-taker. I don’t jump off things, overwork my joints or engage in nearly any activity that carries a significant potential for danger. So when I found myself having knee surgery in August (not an injury, just messed up cartilage and a benign tumor), I knew this was no mere coincidence or consequence. God had a few lessons in store for … Continue reading Stretching Faith at Physical Therapy

Sexting, Teens and Jennifer Lawrence

“I was in a loving, healthy, great relationship for four years. It was long distance, and either your boyfriend is going to look at porn or he’s going to look at you.” – Jennifer Lawrence In an interview with “Vanity Fair,” the film star with more awards and accolades than just about anyone her age (or anyone, period) reveals just where we are as a … Continue reading Sexting, Teens and Jennifer Lawrence

Disturbing Twitter “Wisdom”

Managing social media for MORF and Student Life is a huge part of my job every day. (That’s how we find and share great articles on Twitter and Facebook throughout the week.) Some days, however, the quotes from Church leaders shared on social media concern me because digital-savvy Millennials look to them for spiritual wisdom and how to live a Christian life. Here’s some of this … Continue reading Disturbing Twitter “Wisdom”

Hypocrisy and Christianity

It’s the oldest accusation, debate and mud to sling in the Book of Reasons Why Not to Be a Christian. We’re all hypocrites. My response? Um, yeah. We’re aware. And? The key to this standby of the anti-Christian is that they are 100 percent right! We all “have two sides.” Recently I came across a Facebook conversation where one non-believer pulled out the old “hypocrisy” … Continue reading Hypocrisy and Christianity

Dove Beauty and Your Daughters

I love what Dove is doing with their platform as a company selling beauty products. They seem to really “get” what women go through with body image. In one, an artist sketched women as they spoke, based solely on their descriptions of themselves. He also sketched the same women based on others’ descriptions. Dove then displayed the two sketches and invited the women in to … Continue reading Dove Beauty and Your Daughters