SoWT 3: Back from Texas

Hey everyone, I got back Sunday from a journey across Texas to Dallas and Waco. It ended up being something like 1,239 miles total. Considering my car only has about 30,000 miles on it, this was a major trip for her. 🙂 It all started last Wednesday when my dad and I left little Clovis for the big D. My dad drove the whole way, despite … Continue reading SoWT 3: Back from Texas

Summer of World Travels: Texas edition

Part Three of Summer of World Travels begins tomorrow with the journey to Dallas. Nothing really extraordinary, just my dad and I going to visit the relatives. His parents are not doing well and he goes every once in a while to help his brothers and sisters take care of them. Especially since starting college/moving to central Texas I have become closer with all of … Continue reading Summer of World Travels: Texas edition