I spent my first seven years in student publications working on yearbook staffs. I worked my way up to senior editor of my high school yearbook and continued on to be organizations editor of the Baylor yearbook, the Round Up, my freshman year. My first days in college were spent working on student publications and I spent most of my time in the student publication offices or out on assignment for one of them.

As organizations editor, I wrote articles, shot photos, designed my section, sold yearbooks and, since the organizations at Baylor have to buy their pages in order to get coverage in the yearbook, I sold a record number of pages. This required contacting every one of the 250 organizations on campus through advertisements, e-mails, phone calls and social media.

My sophomore year, I became academics editor. Academics was the largest section of the yearbook and included interviews with award-winning professors and students, key administrative figures and an exclusive interview with the university’s president. The interview with the university president turned out to be one of my favorite spreads I did that year. I wrote the story and designed the page, which won second place for academics package and third place for academics copy at the Texas Intercollegiate Press Association’s spring 2010 awards.

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