Third release worth the “wait”

From the very beginning, Fireflight shows that it meets the criteria for a great Christian rock band both musically and lyrically. Their latest release, “For Those Who Wait,” combines positive lyrics that actually mean something with quality vocals and solid melodies.

But perhaps the tunes are a bit too solid. Unique is not exactly a word to describe this release, especially after their hit sophomore album Unbreakable, but it is worth a listen. The vocals on the title track “For Those Who Wait” evoke Rebecca St. James’ on her If I Had Once Chance album (2005). The mold-breaking track gives way to more standard rock ballads as the album progresses to “The Fire in My Eyes.” This track looks like a standard worship song when reading the lyrics on paper, but sound more like Kelly Clarkson or Pink than Hillsong.

Leaving the rock out feel, the track “Name” provides the token soft song of hope in the midst of pain. Violins and keyboard accompaniment are beautifully woven between Dawn Richardson’s soft vocals.

As if to prove that they are not your mom’s CCM, they break out into “New Perspective” with vibrant energy.

Overall, Fireflight’s third major release is likely to be enjoyed by Flyleaf, Skillet and Plumb fans. Don’t expect too much out of the box from this one though. With many tracks sounding familiar from their unfortunate similarity to every other mainstream or Christian rock band out there, it seems Fireflight may have wanted to play it safe with this one. I agree with Jen Rose of when she says “they are capable of so much more.” It doesn’t beat either of their first two albums, but it is enough to tide us over until we can hear more from Fireflight.


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