BBQs, Going Postal, Rain and Haikus

Last Saturday was the official alumni weekend for my program, SIWJ, so we had a barbecue at my professor’s house. It was good to get to hang out with Andrea and Amos outside of the classroom. I always like getting to know my leaders on a more personal level to better know how they think and make decisions. For those of you who have taken the StengthsFinder, yes, I am a huge Context person. 🙂

Sunday, I went to the DC Metro Church for the last time. It was kind of sad to leave. I liked it a lot, but I miss Antioch even more so I am kind of excited because it means I will soon be back at ACC.

After church every Sunday, I go to museums. I am a big museum fan so this is usually a highlight of my week. This week, I went to the National Postal Museum. I realized that I would not be able to go when Jennifer was working so I thought it best to go on a Sunday than not at all. It is very close to Union Station so I walked around the shops of the station a bit before I headed out. It was a good thing I stayed around because it started pouring down torrential rain as soon as I was about to leave. I was going to head to the National Aquarium which is not as close to a metro station. I also did not have my umbrella. So I just decided to get a bagel and stay at Union Station a while.

That evening I went to Momiji, one of my favorite restaurants in D.C., with Ashley (see Oxford posts). She has just arrived in D.C. for a late-term internship with a senator. We also stopped by FroZenYo, a frozen yogurt place.

Today, I started my video haiku. It is probably the hardest part of our final project for me. We are required to make a video about ourselves in Final Cut Pro. I am not super experienced or naturally talented at this, so I am going for a slideshow. I intended to include film as well as photos, but it doesn’t really fit into my plan for the way I want it to turn out.

It will be a long week working on it, but at least I have all the photos I want to use after tonight!


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