A Capitol Fourth, part two

After such a great first half of the weekend, I had to continue the fun on the actual Fourth. I tried out a new church, which ended up being even more like Antioch than the last two churches, which was great. I even found myself wondering, if I had longer here, how I would feel about getting involved. My goal for next week is to go back and have a conversation with someone. I have yet to do that.

That evening, Jennifer and I had a picnic dinner at the Washington Monument, soon joined by Christian, one of our Baylor friends. We had a perfect spot for the fireworks, right underneath them. We were so close, my camera couldn’t fit all of the biggest ones inside it’s view. It was a great show and the area we sat wasn’t as crowded as I expected. The crowds became more obvious with each block we walked back though.

I had work off the next day since it was a holiday and after writing an article with Caitlin in the morning, I joined Jennifer at the Air and Space museum. We went to an IMAX using her Smithsonian id to get a discount. yay! Then we saw the other parts of the museum I had been too museumed-out to see the other day. We then made it to the Natural History Museum and walked around there until they closed. If you need to know what this was like, imagine Night at the Museum 2, but nothing comes alive. haha Just kidding, but yes, this is the same museum as in the movie. After a dinner at Fuddruckers, we decided that we both miss Baylor and its fun, intelligent, family-like community. 🙂


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