SoWT 3: Waco Wedding Weekend

This past weekend I:

Sat six rows behind Laura Bush on an airplane

Was picked up by my family at the Waco airport (usually it is the other way around, but this week my sister was a Baylor for registration. Sic ’em.)

Attended the rehersal for my friend Alyssa’s wedding

Sang in her fabulous wedding the next day and helped at the reception, where I got to see so many friends

Had sleepovers at two of my best friends’ apartments

Celebrated Lauren’s (one of the besties) 21st birthday at Carinos’

Went to church at Antioch (love love love these people)

and…. met Waco’s Congressman Chet Edwards in the DC airport after our flight back. We talked about the Big 12’s potential breakup. He invited me to set up a time and stop by his office.

So all in all, this was a busy weekend. Surprisingly, the flights on the way to Waco went like clockwork. The flight from DFW to DC, however, was delayed two and a half hours so I didn’t actually get back to GWU until 9 p.m. (eastern time).

Going back to Waco every summer in the middle of June is kind of a tradition for me, dating back to before my freshman year when I went to orientation. It reminds me of how hot and humid a place can be (even though it gets worse in July, I hear) and how there is more to Waco than school. 😉
Last summer I went back to see my friends, especially Lauren because it around her birthday weekend. I was going to Dallas with my dad anyway and wouldn’t see them until after I came back from Oxford. I know it’s a slim possibility, but I really hope the tradition keeps up for all of us after this year because I am going to miss these people way too much.


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