American = Europhile

These past few days I have come to notice how much D.C. loves Europe. Particularly France. French shops and cafes and food. Philosophy. Fashion. Even the French language itself. I do believe there is more French culture here than in London.

For my part, I am eating a two-foot-long baguette (well, a small part of it) that I bought at an open air market today. I also had a Belgian waffle made by Belgians that were made with sugar only grown in Belgium. The Belgians also sold all sorts of Belgian/French food and were next to a stand that sold croissants and pain au chocolat. "Autre chose?" the owner of the waffle place asked a customer when inquiring if she wanted to buy anything else.

If it were any more European, I swear I would have searched for some Euros and started trying to translate my next words into French.

The other day we found a place that sold Orangina and gyros. Yesterday I met up with Jennifer at Pret a Manger.

It’s almost like D.C. is using my taste buds to tell me something…  Washington is definitely trying to make up for it’s main flaw: not being in Europe. haha


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