The Georgetowner

I started at The Georgetowner newspaper yesterday. Actually, no one is really sure if it is a newspaper or a magazine. I suppose its a happy medium. For example, it is on newsprint in tab form (horizontal instead of vertical). It comes out every two weeks. It covers both lifestyle/society  and newsy items. There are four other interns, except one isn’t from our program.

Yesterday we went around the area and interviewed people on the street about the Apple iPad. Apparently the White House just got them and everyone loves them there so we wanted to see if it would transfer over to our section of the city. We couldn’t find anyone with an iPad, but we found a guy who wants one.
I took photos of all of the people we quoted and we posted it online.

We also filmed a video project of a trivia night at a local restaurant. It is a game where you answer trivia questions on a sheet of paper while you eat and compete against other tables. It was pretty fun, though the questions were hard. The entire first section was about the history of Memorial Day. 😮

Today I got more GW figured out with the help of my program directors. Also caught lunch with my friend from Baylor, Jennifer. You mght recognize her from the Oxford videos in previous posts. 🙂 We had a favorite sandwich shop in Britain called Pret a Manger. It happens that one of the few in the US is only a metro stop away for me. So we relived last summer with its British memories, most involving Pret, rain, or both. haha  Though D.C. is beautiful and fun… it isn’t London. sigh.

So far it has been wonderful though. Yes, there have been a few issues with being late to the program, switching rooms, getting new keys and opening my mailbox (which still has not happened yet), it is off to a great start.


p.s. After a long time of my dear Lela’s prodding, this Pret trip led me to finally check out Eurovision on youtube. It’s like American Idol, sort of, but with fun videos and original songs.


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