SoWT 2: Washington D.C.

Woke up yesterday morning early to fly to D.C. via Lubbock and DFW. Though I dreaded getting back on a plane after the longest day of my life (see below) the other day flying back from Italy, it wasn’t a bad trip. Everything went smoothly.

I read half of "Redeeming Love" by Francine Rivers as everything went on like usual in the world of airports and planes. From "cross-check" to "cross-check" I am in a world of my own. This time, the California gold rush.

My happy ignorance of reality ended, however, and I awkwardly made my way to the baggage claim and even more awkwardly lugged my luggage to the taxi line. After hanging around the dorm for a bit, I went to find dinner and ended up at a nice little place called the Magic Gourd. It was somewhat dressy, not too much so though, just enough to be a decent place to write alone (I originally wrote this there) and people watch with minimal noise and self-awareness.

I feel like I have started college all over again in a way. I know that soon I will know what popular opinion of the Magic Gourd is, whether I have made a classic first-time GWU choice or a typical innocent freshman taboo.


Today, I got up and went to church at a non-denominational place that believes and acts much like Antioch, but smaller and in a more traditional building. The people were very nice, though I didn’t make any super solid connections yet. I think I will come back week after next. (Next week I will be home at Antioch with my  friends and community for Alyssa’s wedding! Hallelujah. haha) The music was good, the people were nice, the preaching was deep and strong in the Word, but really the biggest thing for me is how deeply I felt the Holy Spirit there. It will take another visit or two, but I really think I have found a place I can grow in the Lord this summer. (yay!)

I also went with a group of girls to Target, which is quite a few metro stops away. It’s silly, but I have always wanted to ride the metro grocery shopping. I guess I always thought it was the ultimate sign of being a city-dweller, a "local." 🙂 So check that one off the life list. haha

Tomorrow I start at the Georgetowner newsmagazine. And so it begins.



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