Most likely to be seen in Italy

This is a list of things we saw everywhere, consistently, throughout our trip. Some of them were comical, others, well, also have a place on the “negative” list below.

1.       Motorcycles and vespas. Very cool, but definitely have the right of way in any traffic situation and make up their own lanes. Scary.

2.       As I mentioned earlier, spaghetti and pizza restaurants definitely have a place on this list

3.       People who smoke. This makes Europe so much less fun for wheezy, sneezy little me.

4.       Churches named for a biblical or saintly “Mary”

5.       Free-for-all traffic rules

6.       Crowds

7.       Gelato stands

8.       Venetian Carnival masks (even in Rome)

9.       Languages and cultures

10.   Lost tourists (like us). There seemed to be more tourists in Venice than actual residents.

11.   Asian-run Italian shops and restaurants (the one we tried was a big mistake, but we could just be bad at picking them)

12.   Glass jewelry. Though this was in Rome too, it was definitely a bigger deal in Venice near the Murano glass factory.

13.   Little round hatchback cars. My Ford Focus would be right at home in most of Europe, from what I have seen of the continent. Love.

14.   Boats in Venice (obviously), especially expensive gondolas

15.   Street purse salesmen (who transform instantly into umbrella salesmen when it starts to rain)

16.   Guided tours that use little walkie talkies on lanyards and headphones. It is an odd feeling to wear it, but it is super helpful.

17.   Ancient Roman significant sights in Rome. Everywhere we went there was an obelisk or arch or ruins of something.

18.   Universita d’ Italia and soccer t-shirts

19.   Being invited in to restaurants by the host/hostesses while walking past. They were almost as bad as the purse-hawkers

20.   Ok, this last one was really funny to us and probably unique to our trip, but every day in both Rome and Venice we saw a young, cute Asian couple in beautiful formal clothes with a professional photographer. We wondered if maybe there was a wedding magazine being shot or a catalog for a formal shop or something… who knows. We wondered if it was sometimes the same couple, but we couldn’t get close enough to tell. Haha They must have really made their way around those two cities though or happened to have the same schedule as us because it was just too random that we saw them so often. J

Alright, that’s all I have for now. Ciao!



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