SoWT 7: Finally in Oxford

We are here! I am about to spend my first night in an Oxford dorm!
We left London early this morning and rode a train to Oxford. We are living at Christ Church, which is really awesome for me since this is where Methodism was founded by John and Charles Wesley and where much of the scenes in the Harry Potter movies were either filmed or based on.
We took a tour and had tea in the Great Hall. It’s set up is much like Brooks, but that is about where the similarities end. In the original, the walls are lined with famous men’s portriats, plus a portriat of Queen Elizabeth I and a stone bust of Queen Elizabeth II. and yes, I loved the fact that it is the two Elizabeths, my two favorite queens, that are the only two women represented there if only two had to be.
We then went and walked around the town and got Harry Potter 6 tickets for tomorrow night. So excited!
Then Micah and I went back and watched the Bachelorette on youtube until dinner, in the Great Hall again, at 7:15. The food is good, maybe a bit fancy for my taste, but good.
After dinner, Jennifer and I went to a lecture on "gown vs. town" about the conflicts between the town of Oxford and the university. Fascinating history. I did go to see if it would make a good topic for Focus, but it was more of like things from the 1300s. haha. more like hangins in the quad and shooting bows and arrows at each other. :O
After that we walked around the grounds and talked. I learn so much about Oxford (and a great many other things) just by being around Jennifer. We have fun. 🙂
Well, classes start tomorrow. I’m not sure if I’m ready for the hard part to begin just yet, but I know I’m going to enjoy my professors a lot. It is nce knowing them a bit before you get into class with them.
More another day.
p.s. still haven’t had time for postcards. 😦
p.p.s. miss you all very very very much.


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