SoWT #4 for the 4th: Panhandle weekend!

fireworks from last year, here in Clovis

Happy 4th of July everyone!

My family and I are headed to Canyon today to see the musical "Texas." It is always really awesome. We go pretty much every summer. Something about being in Palo Duro Canyon with the open air stage, big Texas sky, the play/songs all about settlers in the state and the BBQ/vanilla Blue Bell ice cream gets me all proud to be Texan. Ok, so I’m not really Texan, it’s kind of a complex I have. My dad’s entire family has lived in Texas at some point in their lives since the open-range cattle drive days like in the play. My mom’s family came there shortly after hopping across the Pond from Germany via Ellis Island. Anyway, even though I was born and have lived my entire life 5 miles from the Texas panhandle until moving to Waco, I still consider myself Texan. I’m more proud of being Texan than most of my native-born friends from its big cities (Houston, Dallas). I have come to discover there is a difference between being Texas-proud in the Panhandle than anywhere else in the state. It’s like a blessing here. hahaha
Anyway, then we are headed up to Perryton, near Oklahoma, to stay with my uncle J.W. (another of my dad’s brothers) for a few days. He and his sweet wife Beth have a huge amazing house on this lake out there in the country. It is fairly new so I have only been there once before, for their son’s wedding, but their house in town was one of the places my dad and I would go all of the time. J.W. and my dad are best friends as well as brothers and look a lot a like. So my sister and I have pretty much grown up visiting them, more than most of the others.
We will be back after going to church with them on Sunday. They are pretty involved there, or at least I know they were when their boys were in youth group, so it should be fun.
Hopefully we will get to see some fireworks at the lake tomorrow!



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