Summer of World Travels: Texas edition

Part Three of Summer of World Travels begins tomorrow with the journey to Dallas.
Nothing really extraordinary, just my dad and I going to visit the relatives. His parents are not doing well and he goes every once in a while to help his brothers and sisters take care of them. Especially since starting college/moving to central Texas I have become closer with all of them. All of my dad’s four brothers and six sisters live across Texas now and a few of them live in the Dallas area so hopefully I will get to see them this week.
It will take about eight hours of tomorrow to drive there. It is pretty special to me that it is just my dad and I going. The two of us used to take a lot of road trips to see his family or for his business, to work on computers and teach computer classes around the state. That was when I was little though and before sports and organizations and activities consumed our weekends! Not that they are bad, they just don’t leave a lot of time for random quick road trips. We are now more used to driving the road to and from Waco together now though, which is how we will be returning home.
I’m very excited about that part as well. On Saturday my dad has agreed to let me have a day with my friends who are all in Waco. (well, all except the bestie in pennsylvania from the previous post, of course. love ya Priya!) This is my last chance to see them before I leave for Oxford. The next time I see them will be when I return to school August 20ish. We don’t have a lot of definite plans yet, but we have agreed to go to the Mayborn Museum on campus and toss tortillas off of the suspension bridge.
You see, there is a deep Baylor legend that promises a Baylor Boy/Girl to those lucky and skilled enough to land a tortilla on the remains of a worn out bridge, not too far from the middle of the pedestrian bridge that crosses the Brazos River. The tortilla is thrown like a frisbee, naturally, which makes it have a funny slapping sound when it hits the river (as 99% of the tortillas sadly do not reach their destination.) The last time we went my closest one hit the side of the concrete pillar and flopped off. I can’t remember for sure, but I believe no one landed one except the two of our group that are engaged. I told them that they didn’t count. haha.
It’s all in good fun, of course, as many of us have quite a ways to go before our plans include marriage (excepting the aformentioned dear couple) but coming to Baylor to find a mate is a running joke among young Bears. One of the sort that tends to have deep veins of truth running underneath. 😀
But for now I am content to have the best friends and family a girl could ask for, many of whom I am eagerly anticipating many happy hours with this coming week.


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