Pennsylvania…. summer of World Travels: part two

soon to come…..

I visited Priya’s apartment in Philly, saw liberty bell, declaration of independence, a Ford Fiesta, became a Lord of the Rings fan, rode on a flight where my aunt was a flight attendent, met new friends including a Baylor/antioch alum, talked with a pilot about French, had a Monster energy drink, went to amish country, hung out with hindians for a week, got bangles, a cheap but pretty necklace, experienced Hershey World, took photos with a Canon Rebel, laughed as Priya helped pick out Lauren’s birthday present (became even more determined that my besties actually meet. hmm…), discussed life face-to-face with my dear friend once again, saw her med. school, rode an amtrak train, played a Harry Potter card game, saw the Penn. governor’s mansion, saw other huge homes, saw downtown Harrisburg and an island of fun games, walked across a pedestrian bridge during the most beautiful sunset on the river, discussed technology with a guy from Intel, conversed with 4 doctors and an about-to-be med. student about the medical field in America, had a Sprite and Birthday Cake float, introduced the northeast to the foreign concept of "ring-by-spring" (haha), saw a Hindu temple and learned that it is incredibly awesome to have someone that you don’t have to explain yourself or behavior to but that knows you better than you think and loves you all the better for it.


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